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Most capital project management systems out there are generic and require extensive customization to meet your project management needs. This means your implementation cycles take years and by the time you are done, you have spent way more than you had initially budgeted; there is a better way!

When you want to manage your entire capital project lifecycle, you need to deal with a system that automates the entire lifecycle from budgeting, bid management, scheduling, project management, inspections and document management and not something piece meal. You also need this system to integrate with your environment wherever necessary, i.e. ERP, Scheduling, Document Management etc.

You also need to ensure that making changes to your workflows, reports and forms is something you can do easily and by yourself, without depending on your vendor.

To sum it up, you need a system that thinks, processes your information and helps you make decisions.

Aurigo Masterworks addresses all these concerns and more. It also ensures that all of your data is intelligent and can be used to trigger alerts, generate reports and provide you with analytics based on real business issues. In short you need to take decisions based on information not raw data. In addition, you need tools to budget and schedule your projects, to monitor progress, manage changes and make payments via intelligent forms and workflows.

Plus, we also provide both-subscription and on-premise licensing models. So you have the best of both worlds. What are you waiting for? Don't purchase a glorified scheduling system when what you really need is a capital project management solution.

Feature Summary:

 Budget & Budget Revisions

 Planning, Estimation & Scheduling

 Change Management

 Pre-configured, Industry-ready, Intelligent forms with workflows

 Messaging Center

 Notifications & Alerts

 Reporting & Analytics

 Role based Dashboards

 Flexible Licensing

 Earned Value Analysis

 Payment & Fund Management

 Cost Management

 Document Management

 Land Parcel Management

 Integration with ERP Systems such as Oracle JD Edwards, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

 Integration with Scheduling systems such as Microsoft Project and Primavera

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